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 The North Sea Lions District Twinning Alliance is unique in the Lions world. It was officially formed in 1979 in District 105M and consist of ten member districts including Denmark (1), England (2), Germany (2) and the Netherlands (5). The aim of the alliance is to work together on meaningful international projects in a developing country.


Apart from the dedication to improving the quality of life for so many people, serving and working together has also brought unique international friendships between the NSL districts.


Membership is restricted to countries boarding the North Sea. All NSL districts appoint the one ‘voting’ member to the Board and it is the responsibility of these officers to inform all the clubs in their districts about the projects and progress thereof.

 Each district puts forward a project proposal suggested by a club in that district for consideration. All projects have to be well thought out with regard to costs, timing and management. The NSL board has to fully agree with a project proposal and will make sure that each project will be run correctly and the monies are used properly.

 The projects are funded by the participating Districts on a club per capita basis (euros 80 approx £66) and are usually further supported through an LCIF grant. Typically each year over Euros 60K is collected from the clubs and with the matching grant from Lions Club International Foundation, the alliance is able to fund projects upwards of Euros 100K



The NSL has developed and supported projects worldwide.




NSL Projects 1979 – 2012

 1979/80                105M                     Bangladesh (X-Ray machine)

1980/81                MD110                  Swaziland (help for disabled children)

1981/82                106C                      Kenya (help for disabled children)

1982/83                105M                     India (water supply)

1983/84                MD110                  Indonesia (treatment for 5000 children to fight eye diseases)

1984/85                106C                      Kenya (eighty huts for accommodation)

1985/86                111N/NB              Namibia (agricultural schools)

1986/87                105M                     Sri Lanka (community centre and 100 houses)

1987/88                MD110                  Rwanda (water supply)

1988/89                106C                      Tanzania (water supply)

1989/90                111N                      Namibia (agricultural school)

1990/91                105M                     Thailand (water supply)

1991/92                MD110                  Rwanda (medical centre)

1992/93                106C                      Brazil (workshops for unemployed young people)

1993/94                111N/NB              Namibia (TB rehabilitation centre)          

1994/95                105M                     Ghana (clean drinking water supply for 15,000 people)

1995/96                MD110                  Indonesia (pipeline and reservoirs for street children)

1996/97                106C                      Kenya (school and accommodation for street children)

1997/98                111NB                   Peru (vocational training centre for disabled)

1998/99                105M                     Niger (wells to supply drinking water)

1999/00                111N                      Estonia (sports hall for mentally handicapped children)

2000/01                110CW                  Ghana (school project)

2001/02                106C                      Romania (laser equipment / treating diabetic retinopathy)

2002/03                111NB                   Ethiopia (garage and training AIDS orphans)

2003/04                110AN                   Sri Lanka (boarding school for handicapped children)

2004/05                111AZ                    Malawi (guest house for relatives looking after patients)

2005/06                111CO                   Ukraine (centre for children in need of special care)

2006/07                111N                      Russia (centre for maltreated, abused and uncared children)

2007/08                110BN                   Dominican Republic (drinking water system and clinic)

2008/09                110AZ                    Tanzania (malaika kid’s village)

2009/10                110CW                  Burkina Faso (construction of a public school)    

                                111NB                   Lithuania (renovation of a special school)

2010/11                110CO                   Nepal (renovation of an eye hospital)

2011/12                106C                      Burkina Faso (construction of an eye hospital)

2012/13                105M                     India (kitchen rebuilding Amala Children’s Home)

2013/14                110CW                  Thailand (Shelter Home - Orphans and Children HIV affected)



Members can obtain more detailed information within the International Documents section of the Members Area.



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